2019 CBCA Championships

The 2019 Canadian Sheepdog Championships will be held in Airdrie, AB, August 22-25, 2019.  More information to follow.

Website: www.cbcachampionship.com

Email: cbcachampionships2019@gmail.com


Chris Jobe
Phone 403 866 6176
email:  chris@caninesolutions.ca

Samantha Stockwood
Phone 587 434 1940
email: cbcachampionships2019@gmail.com

Milton Scott
Phone 403 888 0786

Handlers are reminded that to be eligible for the Championship Double Lift Final and the Nursery Championship, handlers must be up to date on CBCA membership and dogs must be registered with the CBCA, by June 1,  2019. Forms and information on the Registrations and Membership pages of this website.