Bylaw 5


The Board of Directors shall have the power to suspend or expel any member who fails to observe any rule or regulation set forth in these By-laws.


(a) A suspended member is one who has been deprived of the privileges of the Association by a decision of the Board of Directors for a stated period or until such time as the requirements of the Board of Directors have been complied with.


(a) Expulsion means depriving a member of the privileges of the Association indefinitely or for such period of time as may be determined by the Board of Directors.

Any person or persons contravening the By-laws, rules, regulations, procedures or policies of the Association shall be subject to discipline procedures. All matters of discipline including the power of authority to investigate complaints, shall be within the jurisdiction of the Board of Directors and administered in the manner hereinafter described:

(a) Any person, whether a member of the Association or not, shall have the right to lay a complaint with regard to any matter relating to the Association’s objects or activities. Any complaint directed to the Board of Directors shall be in writing and shall provide sufficient information of the act or omission which forms the grounds of the complaint so as to permit the Board of Directors to properly investigate and deal with the issues raised. All information provided to the Board of Directors by any party to the complaint shall be provided to the other party or parties to the complaint. Such information shall, when reasonably possible, be provided either personally or by means of registered or certified mail, or by means of commercial carrier;
(b) On report to the Board of Directors of a charge against any person, the charges shall be laid before a meeting of the Board of Directors and the person so charged shall have fifteen days notice in writing of such meeting and be given the right to be heard.
(c) If such investigation should indicate that the person:

(i) knowingly falsified records;
(ii) violated any provision of these By-laws, or any rule, regulation, procedure or policy of the Association;
(iii) was suspended or expelled from a Recognized Registry or any association incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act;
(iv) acted or performed in a manner contrary to the principles and objects of the Association and/or not in the best interests of the Association and its members,

the Board of Directors is authorized, at its sole discretion, to suspend, refuse or cancel any registration obtained or submitted by that person and, if such person is a member of the Association, suspend or expel that member.


(a) A member suspended or expelled shall, after the expiration of forty-five (45) days, have the right to apply to the Board of Directors for reinstatement and shall on application be reinstated at the next meeting of the Board, provided a majority of the members of the Board of Directors present thereat vote in the affirmative.
(b) If the Board of Directors refuses to reinstate a member so suspended or expelled, such member shall have the right to apply for reinstatement by the next succeeding general meeting of the Association, but reinstatement by a general meeting shall be only by the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the members present thereat and eligible to vote.


(a) Any member suspended or expelled from the Association shall have no claim against the Association or its Directors or have any interest in the property or assets of the Association.
(b) It is understood that the Association and its Directors shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may be sustained through refusal, suspension, cancellation or correction of any registration or transfer.
(c) Any member suspended or expelled from the Association shall be liable to the Association for all reasonable costs incurred by the Association in investigating the matter(s) which resulted in the suspension or expulsion of such member.