Bylaws 18 and 19


The term “Full Particulars” as used in this Article XX shall include the following:

  • Name of Border Collie, sex, registration number if registered, country of birth, name and address of breeder, tattoo markings (if and when tattoo marked), microchip transponder characters (if and when microchip implanted), name of sire (and registration number if registered), name of dam (and registration number if registered) and name and full address of the person from whom the Border Collie was purchased or otherwise acquired.

Every person who is engaged in the breeding, buying or selling of Border Collies, whether as principal or agent or assignee, shall keep and retain for at least seven (7) years a record which shall contain all of the following information. This record shall at all times be open to the inspection of officials of the Association and officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and Agri-Food for Canada:

(a) full particulars of every Border Collie in his or her possession by reason of ownership, lease or agreement;
(b) full particulars of every Border Collie he or she imported to Canada including date of purchase and date of importation;
(c) full particulars of every Border Collie he or she sold or otherwise disposed of including date of sale and name and full address of the person to whom the Border Collie was sold or otherwise disposed to;
(d) full particulars of every Border Collie to which their Border Collie was mated including the name and full address of the owner and date(s) of mating(s).


(a) The Directors of the Association or their official designates shall have the authority to conduct an inspection of the private identification records kept by the registrant, or the adequacy of the system of identification practiced by such registrant and of the manner in which such system of identification is being practiced by the registrant. This authority to inspect herein includes the right to verify breeding records by way of DNA testing. If no error is found in the records through DNA testing, the Association will pay the cost associated with testing. However, if problems with the records are found, the breeder is responsible for the costs associated with the tests.
(b) When, as a result of an inspection of the manner in which private records are being kept and identification system practiced by any person, it is shown that the By-laws in that regard as laid down herein are not being observed, the Board of Directors may immediately suspend, refuse or cancel any registration obtained or submitted by that person and, if such person is a member of the Association, suspend or expel that member.
(c) If such inspection should indicate that the private records and identification system are in such a state of confusion as to raise a doubt as to the identity of any number or all of the animals registered with the Association, the Board of Directors may suspend or cancel registration of any or all dogs registered in the name of such person and any further registrations and transfers may be refused.

A certified pedigree is a certified genealogical table showing ancestral line of descent of a Border Collie as indicated by the Association’s registrations records and such foreign stud books as may be in the Association’s files. It is certified as being correct only to the extent that it reflects the ancestral line of descent as shown in the records and stud books available to the Association, and no claim may be entered against the Association or its Head Office in the event the information shown thereon is incorrect.

“Three-generation pedigree” is one which shows the name of the sire and dam, all grandparents, and all great grandparents of a particular Border Collie.

The Association shall maintain copies of all pedigree records in its Recording Office. All computer registrations of Border Collies’ pedigree records shall be kept with the CBCA.