CBCA Championships

Canadian Border Collie Association Championships

The Canadian Border Collie Association sponsors an annual Championship Sheep Dog Trial. This trial rotates between the West and East annually. Generally in the West it is held in conjunction with the Western Championships and in the East it is either held on it’s own or associated with a prestigous Eastern trial.

Entry Requirements

Members in good standing can enter their CBCA registered dogs to compete at that championship trial. Membership and or registration deadline: June 1 of the present year..

The trial consists normally of a Nursery class – two runs with the highest combined score becoming Nursery Champion – and an Open class. In the Open there are normally two qualifying runs and the top dogs of the qualifying rounds will go on to the Double Lift Final – which will determine the CBCA Champion.

Travel Grant

The board has instituted a travel grant to help one handler from one region to participate at the Championships at the other region. For this purpose one handler will receive a grant of $ 600.00. Interested handlers should indicate their interest to the Secretary before the current year’s AGM. At that AGM 3 names will be drawn: the 1st choice and two alternates.
As soon as the handler has made the arrangements for travel to the Championships the secretary will issue a cheque in the amount of $ 600.00. This travel grant is available to members in good standing who are running in Open and who reside in Canada. (750.00 for 2009 – 2012 as 2008 was not used)

Travel Grant for 2010: Louanne Twa with ?? as the first alternate and ?? as the second alternate.

High Point Home Raised Sheepdog at the CBCA Championship Award

This buckle will be a celebration of the life of Del’mar Turk, CABC 122900, who taught me more in his life than I was ever able to teach him. The following is the criteria that we have suggested to earn the buckle: We would like this criteria to be noted on the CBCA web site in order that Championship organizers will be aware of it in the future.

  • The dog must be registered CBCA and be competing in the CBCA Championship.
  • The dog must have either been bred by the owner/handler or purchased before the pup was six (6) months old.
  • The dog must have been raised and trained by the owner/handler exclusively.
  • The winner of the buckle will be
  • The High point home raised dog in the double lift finals of the CBCA Championship.
  • Should there be no home raised dog in the double lift finals, the buckle will go to the high point home raised dog competing in the CBCA Championship. Qualifying trials (not the high accumulated points but the home raised dog who scores the highest score in the qualifying trials)
  • The presentation of the buckle will be done by either ourselves should we be present at the trial or by a person appointed by us.
  • This will be an annual award and RMS Border Collies will supply the buckle each year.

2016 CBCA Championships Entry Forms

Invitation to bid – Guidelines for CBCA Championships

Past Championships