Travel Bursary

Members participated at the draw for the travel bursary. Starting in 2009, and until 2012, the travel bursary will be $750 due to the bursary not being claimed in 2008.
The draw for the travel bursary 2010 was won by Louann Twa, with Pam Gonnet as the first alternate and Norm Sommer as the second alternate.

2010 CBCA Championships

Viki Kidd is chairperson for the 2010 CBCA Championships Trial Committee that will be held in the East. Currently it has been narrowed to two fields in the Peterborough, Ontario area. The tentative date for the trial is the last weekend of August 2010. The 2010 CBCA Championships trial committee would like to put forward the motion to accept this bid.

2011 Travel Bursary

2011 Travel Bursary

The travel bursary for the 2011 Championship was drawn at the 2010 AGM.  The winner was Mary Thompson, with Werner Reitboeck as first alternate and Lorna Savage as second alternate.