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CBCA Championships Eligibility Change – April 2012

After much discussion, the Board of Directors of the CBCA is unanimous in its decision on eligibility for […]

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The CBCA and the CKC

Despite our best efforts CKC has decided to allow Border Collies to compete conformation (and all other events). […]

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Travel Bursary

Members participated at the draw for the travel bursary. Starting in 2009, and until 2012, the travel bursary […]

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2010 CBCA Championships

Viki Kidd is chairperson for the 2010 CBCA Championships Trial Committee that will be held in the East. […]

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2011 Travel Bursary

2011 Travel Bursary The travel bursary for the 2011 Championship was drawn at the 2010 AGM.  The winner […]

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Year-letter for 2012 is Z

Yearletter for 2012 is “Z” Yearletter for 2011 is “Y” Yearletter for 2010 is “X”

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