2013 CBCA Championship Results

Nursery Champion

Amanda Milliken and Feist

Nursery Reserve Champion

Amanda Milliken and Big Bend Howell

CBCA Champion

Michael Gallagher and Flo

CBCA Reserve Champion

Scott Glen and Don


Double Lift Finals – Scores

Scott Glen and June – DQ

Peter Gonnet and Jill – 137

Amanda Milliken and Roz – 91

Norm Sommers and Lexi – 127

Randy Dye and Sweep – 97

Beverly Lambert and Nan – 119

Amanda Milliken and Monty – 128

Dale Montgomery and Zip – 106

Peter Gonnet and Taff – 114

Scott Glen and Don – 139

Michael Gallagher and Flo – 145


Double Lift Finalists Qualifying Combined Scores

Scott Glen & Don   186
Dale Montgomery & Zip  176
Scott Glen & June  169
Michael Gallagher & Flo  169
Amanda Milliken & Monty  168
Peter Gonnet & Jill  168
Norm Sommers & Lexi  165
Beverly Lambert & Nan  165
Peter Gonnet & Taff  163
Amanda Milliken & Roz  162
Randy Dye & Sweep 162

Open Day 1, August 23, 2013

1. Scott Glen & Don. 95
2. Peter Gonnet & Jill 87
3  Amanda Milliken & Roz 86
4. Dale Montgomery & Ben 85
5. Scott Glen & June 84
6. Michael Gallagher & Flo 84

Open Day 2, August 24, 2013

1. Dale Montgomery & Zip   93
2. Scott Glen & Don  91
3. Peter Gonnet & Taff  89
4th  Amanda Milliken & Monty  88
5th  Beverly Lambert & Nan  88

2013 CBCA Championship entry forms

Entry forms are now available for the 2013 CBCA Championships and the Shaunavon Classic Sheep Dog Trial.  Entries open June 15, and must be received by August 1.

All Handlers must be CBCA members in good standing for the current year, and all entered dogs must be registered with the CBCA. Membership and registration applications and payment MUST be postmarked by June 1st, 2013, to be eligible.

CBCA Entry Form (Word)

CBCA Entry Form (PDF)

For information about the 2013 Western Canadians Finals (August 15-18) and the CBCA Championships (August 21-25), please click here.

“Away to Me” now available for purchase

Away To Me is a feature length documentary that takes its audience on a visually spectacular journey across the world, following three national champions from the US, Canada and South Africa as they prepare for and then compete in a major international competition in one of the world’s truly quirky and delightful sports — sheepdog trialing.

Click here to purchase the DVD for $19.95 plus shipping.  Please use promotion code CBCA12 and a portion of the revenues will be shared with the Canadian Border Collie Association.

CBCA Championships Eligibility Change – April 2012

After much discussion, the Board of Directors of the CBCA is unanimous in its decision on eligibility for the Canadian Championship. The decision states as follows:

Eligibility for the Canadian Championships for both Open and Nursery requires that the handler must have a CBCA membership and the dog must be CBCA registered. The membership and registration must be post marked by June 1 of the current year and sent to the CBCA registrar. There is no trialing requirement.

In addition to the above, nursery dogs must have been imported into North America prior to their first birthday.

David Young
President, CBCA

The CBCA and the CKC

Despite our best efforts CKC has decided to allow Border Collies to compete conformation (and all other events). While CBCA has no issue with Border Collies competing in performance events we have strong reservations about conformation showing as this will probably lead to Border Collies being bred for looks rather than work. The board feels that such showing is contrary to the objectives of CBCA. As such persons showing border collies in conformation are not eligible for membership in CBCA.

Travel Bursary

Members participated at the draw for the travel bursary. Starting in 2009, and until 2012, the travel bursary will be $750 due to the bursary not being claimed in 2008.
The draw for the travel bursary 2010 was won by Louann Twa, with Pam Gonnet as the first alternate and Norm Sommer as the second alternate.

2010 CBCA Championships

Viki Kidd is chairperson for the 2010 CBCA Championships Trial Committee that will be held in the East. Currently it has been narrowed to two fields in the Peterborough, Ontario area. The tentative date for the trial is the last weekend of August 2010. The 2010 CBCA Championships trial committee would like to put forward the motion to accept this bid.

2011 Travel Bursary

2011 Travel Bursary

The travel bursary for the 2011 Championship was drawn at the 2010 AGM.  The winner was Mary Thompson, with Werner Reitboeck as first alternate and Lorna Savage as second alternate.