Membership in the Canadian Border Collie Association

There are two classes of membership in the CBCA:

  • Full membership which is open to Canadian residents and gives them the right to vote at elections and hold office.
  • Associate membership is for non-Canadian residents. Associate members cannot vote or hold office.

All members can participate in the Canadian Championships, place advertisements on the web, receive service at membership rates and have access to restricted area of the website.   All members agree to abide by our bylaws and rules, the regulations under the Animal Pedigree Act and our Code of Ethics.

Membership is by calendar year.   Any member who has not renewed by Jan 31 will be removed from membership list.

Click here to download a CBCA Membership form.

Click here to download a CBCA Membership Renewal form


Code of Ethics

Members of the Canadian Border Collie Club shall at all times behave themselves in a manner that will not bring any disrepute to the Association. They will act in accordance of the Animal Pedigree Act and abide by the bylaws of the Association and its rules and regulations.

As breeders they will breed only healthy, mature animals of sound temperament and will always keep improvement of the breed as a working stockdog in mind. They will keep proper breeding records as required under the Animal Pedigree Act and our bylaws. They understand that these records can be examined by both the Association and representatives of the Minister of Agriculture at any reasonable time.

As border collies should only be bred for their working ability breeding for appearance is strongly discouraged. Participation with border collies in conformation events is seen as contrary to the objectives of the Association and will void membership.

Members of CBCA will provide a healthy and safe environment for their animals, providing adequate food, shelter and health care, seeking veterinary care whenever such is required. Before the sale of an animal the member will make every reasonable efford to make sure that the buyer can provide an adequate home for the animal being sold. All members shall advertise truthfully and not deceive the buyer in any way. As required under our bylaws and the APA the buyer will be provided with a certificate of registration (properly transferred if so required) within six months of the sale. It is suggested that sales to non working homes be accompanied with a neuter/spay agreement.

Members of CBCA should not crossbreed border collies.When providing stud services to a dam the member will ascertain that the dam is healthy and fit to be bred. If the dam’s owner is not a member of the Association or is not planning to register the offspring the member will inform the breeder of the legal responsibilities of selling purebred dogs in Canada.

CBCA members’ behaviour on the trial field will also reflect on the Association. As such, members will at all times conduct themselves with good sportsmanship, they will not intimitate or argue with the judge nor will they try to intimitate or abuse any trial staff. Complaints at a trial should be directed in an orderly manner to the trial manager or other bodies designated for such purpose. Members will not subject any dog or livestock to inhumane treatment nor tolerate such by others.