Identification and Tattoos


Agriculture Canada and our bylaws require that all Border Collies registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association must be uniquely identified. A breeder or owner has a choice of two methods of identification, being tattoo or microchip implants. The tattoo consists of three parts, the first part identifies the owner, the second part identifies the dog and the third part identifies the year the dog was born.

EXAMPLE The 2nd puppy in litter 4, belonging to John Samuel Jones could be JSJ402H

  • JSJ – Breeder identification (John Samuel Jones)
  • 4 – Litter
  • 02 – Puppy
  • H – Year (H is for 1998)

I O V and Q are not used as year-letters. The tattoo mark is to be placed in either ear, on the belly or either side of the flank. All Canadian born Border Collies which are sold for money or otherwise, must be identified for registration purposes prior to leaving the premises of the owner at birth. For a list of tattoo letters in use click here.  For some tips on tattooing and microchipping, click here.

Within 6 months of the date of sale, the person transferring the Border Collie shall provide the new owner with a Canadian Certificate of Registration on which is recorded the change of ownership. It is the responsibility of the person transferring the Border Collie to complete all necessary forms and pay all fees required.

Litter Registration

Requirements for application for registration of litters are that the dam and sire must be registered with the Association or a recognized Registry, and at least 3 generations of ancestors must be registered with a recognized registry. Any pup whose dam and or sire is being shown in conformation will be registered in the Section B registry. PLEASE NOTE: Dogs from other registries can be recognized as purebred by CBCA (see below) AS LONG AS the dogs show at least 3 generations of recognized background. (For example dogs registered with ABC or ISDS cannot be registered if parents or grandparents are ROM, dogs from say AKC cannot be registered if any of the 3 generation background is not from a CBCA recognized registry). Currently recognized Registries by the Association are:

Section A Registries

  • ISDS of Great Britain
  • American Border Collie Association
  • American International Border Collie Association
  • North American Sheep Dog Society

Section B Registries

  • United Kingdom Kennel Club
  • American Kennel Club
  • Australian Kennel Club

When requesting a registration, please supply a copy of the registration certificates for both the dam and the sire. The fee for members is $12.00 for each Registration and $12.00 for each transfer.

Bylaws pertaining to registration