Registration Information

To register your dog or pups with Canadian Border Collie Association you need

  1. not be a member of CBCA: However registration fees are higher for non-members. If you want to become a member: CBCA Membership is $ 25.00 per calendar year or $ 300.00 for lifetime membership. Click Membership to go to page for application form, etc. 
  2. Fill in registration application (click to go to download page) and have it signed by owner of border collie stud.. 
  3. Include with the form a copy of the stud’s and dam’s pedigree plus the applicable fees: Fee Schedule
  4. Your border collies have to be clearly identified by either tattoo or microchip (if you are selling border collie pups they have to be so identified before they leave your property). For microchipped dogs include a copy of the paper that you were provided with by the person inserting the microchip. Click here for some tips on tattooing/microchipping
  5. If your border collie has been registered previously with another registry:
    • your dog has to be uniquely identified (see item 4 above)
    • send copy of registration (minimum 3 generations) with fees and application form(click here for the transfer registration form) to

    When you send in your application, please make sure that it is complete with:

    • CBCA Membership application (if applicable)
    • Clearly filled out registration applications, complete with all the necessary information – the parents’ information consists of both name and registration number (like “##Wiston Cap ISDS 31154”)
    • Pedigree of both stud and dam of dog’s being registered (not required for dogs with CBCA registration number but required with dogs with CABC or other registration number)
    • payment for all of above  (Fee Schedule)
    • Send application to Tara Dier, Box 817, Stirling, ON, K0K 3E0  (email for more info at
    • PLEASE NOTE: Dogs that have not be identified by either tattoo or microchip CANNOT be registered!!!!

    CBCA Staff is all part-time staff: it will take about 6 weeks to process your registration application, longer if the application has mistakes in it or is not legible.

    Photo courtesy of Amanda Milliken