Tattoo Tips

Tattooing can be done by breeder with tattoo gun (written on flank) or with tattoo pliers (as they are used with sheep and cattle – in ear). Some breeders of other dogs or dog grooming establishments might have a tattoo gun – check yellow pages. While some veterinarians insist on sedating the pet there is really no need for this. Many of us have tattooed many pups and adults without sedation and without any problems. If you try the tattoo gun on yourself you will find that it is an odd but not painful sensation.

Also AVID microchips are available from the Canadian Livestock Agency at www.clrc. ca – at time of writing they asked $ 18.00 per sterile microchip in needle. These microchips will not be entered in the AVID database for finding lost pets but can readily be traced through our database. So if your dog is lost you should contact shelters and vet clinics in your area with the ID information. I would however strongly suggest you ask for ISO standard microchips – just in case you ever want to travel to Europe with your dog. AVID chips are also available directly from AVID ( at 14.95 (without registration) or in a box of 5s (order # 2109) at 64.75 (these are from a pricelist as of Jan 1, 2006)

Microchip4Solutions is also offering microchips – they have both the FDX A Fecava for North America as well as the FDX B ISO for exporting or international travelers. Cost is $16.75 per microchip – minimum order is 5 or 10.
Contact Laura Kobus 1-877-738-4384
Microchip cost includes registration in their pet recovery database. The Ontario Veterinary Medical Association is custodian of their database.