The registry for purebred Border Collies in Canada, incorporated under the Animal Pedigree Act
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Welcome to the Canadian Border Collie Association

The Association’s objectives are the encouragement, development and regulation of the breeding of purebred Border Collies in Canada by:

  • Establishing a standard of breeding and maintaining a system of registration of purebred Border Collies;
  • Promoting and fostering the breeding, training and distribution of reliable working Border Collies in Canada;
  • Promoting and fostering health improvements in Border Collies;
  • Publishing and distributing literature and other communications to educate the public and Border Collie breeders on subjects relating to the well-being of the Border Collie breed;
  • Organizing and promoting trials, national championships and exhibitions, either competitive or non-competitive, and either independently or in association with any other societies, bodies or persons.


2014 CBCA Championships and the 28th Annual Kingston Sheep Dog Trials

The 28th Annual Kingston Sheep Dog Trials and CBCA Championships will be held at Grass Creek Park, Kingston, ON, August 5 – 10, 2014.

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2014 World Sheep Dog Trial Team

The Canadian Border Collie Association Board of Directors has named the following to the Canadian team for the 2014 World Trial:

Mary Lou Campbell and Reidell Dyna
Kathy Keats and Taff
Kathy Keats and Craig
Lee Lumb and Nan
Lee Lumb and SCB Gus

Tara Dier
Secretary, CBCA


2014 World Sheep Dog Trials


The World Sheep Dog Trials will take place from September 3 – 6, 2014, in Scotland.  If you are a Canadian handler who would like to be considered for the Canadian World Team, please click here to read about the selection criteria for the team.



CBCA Election Results

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2013 CBCA Championships – Shaunavon, SK

Nursery Champion

Amanda Milliken and Feist

Nursery Reserve Champion

Amanda Milliken and Big Bend Howell

CBCA Champion

Michael Gallagher and Flo

CBCA Reserve Champion

Scott Glen and Don



* Year/letter for pups born in 2014 is “B”, in 2013 is “A”, in 2012 is “Z”, 2011 is “Y” *

For general inquiries about the CBCA, and inquiries about registration and membership, please contact:

CBCA Registrar & Secretary:

Tara Dier
Box 817, Stirling, ON  K0K 3E0
Phone 705-632-9786